A plan to increase pay for teachers in the Jefferson Parish Public School System has been approved, and will now go to a public vote in May.

JPPSS Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley's plan is projected to give the average teacher an increase of more than $3,300 in their base salary. Performance pay and starting teachers pay will increase as well, school officials said.

Brumley said increasing teacher pay will help keep teachers and recuit new one for the district.

The total cost of the proposal is $32 million.

The official plan is titled: Competitive and Fair Compensation - The Future of Jefferson Parish Public Schools, and proposes the following.

"The average teacher would see an increase of $3,360 in base salary."

"Teachers would be eligible for additional stipends for working in exceptionally low socio-economic schools and/or schools with exceptionally high ELL populations."

"Teachers would be eligible for additional stipends ($1,000) if certified in a recognized hard-to-staff content area."

"Teachers would be eligible for up to $2,000 in performance pay."

"The starting teacher pay would increase by $4,000-$9,000."

"The average base pay for full-time support employees would increase in excess of $2,000."

"The plan provides the equivalency of a $15 per hour floor for all employees."

"The plan recognizes the value of school leadership as well as school leadership performance."

"The plan eliminates inequities that currently exist within administrator pay."

The full presentation is available on the district’s website at jpschools.org/employeecompensation.