METAIRIE -- The Jefferson Parish School Board could redistrict some schools to alleviate overcrowding at two schools.

The Superintendent recommends redistricting to move students from Alice Birney and J.C. Ellis schools to prevent overcrowding, according to Jefferson Parish School Board documents.

For several years, Alice Birney has reached maximum capacity at multiple grade levels, forcing students to overflow to other schools.

One proposed plan is to transfer 140 students from Birney to Keller. The completion of a new six classroom building at Keller allows some students to be re-assigned to Keller; therefore, reducing the enrollment at Birney.

As of now there are 664 students at enrolled at Birney and about 490 a Keller. It does not say in the documents which students would be transferred.

As for J.C. Ellis, the proposed plan would move students from the school to Bridgedale and Dolhonde.

The JPSB would transfer 54 students from J.C. Ellis to Bridgedale and 53 students fomr J.C. Ellis to Deolhonde.

Currently, J.C. Ellis has 747 students, Dolhonde has 504 students and Bridgedale has 468 students.

Parents will be able to voice their opinions about the proposed redistricting at a meeting tonight at the Jefferson Parish Public Schools administrative building at 504 Manhattan Boulevard. The meeting takes place at 5 p.m.