GRETNA, La. -- Police arrested nine members of a gang they say broke into several vehicles in multiple parishes.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, deputies arrested nine members of the "Felony Lane Gang" who they say are responsible for a rash of vehicle burglaries in Jefferson, East Baton Rouge, St. Tammany, Orleans and Lafayette Parishes.

Police say these alleged burglars targeted cars in locations where people may leave their belongings behind, such as gyms, schools and playgrounds. They would then break into the cars and steal IDs, credit cards and check books.

According to JPSO, female members of the gang would then cash those stolen checks, usually wearing a disguise, at the bank drive through.

As a result of the JPSO investigation, nine alleged members of the "Felony Lane Gang" were arrested and charged with numerous counts of conspiracy to commit vehicular burglary, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and conspiracy to commit theft.

Police are asking anyone who may have been the victim of a burglary that fits these circumstances to contact Detective Carl Koppeis at 504-364-5300.