Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser has a lot of questions for state prison officials.

He's asking why a man with a 40-page rap sheet and more than 60 arrests was eligible for early release.

"We present the cases, get them convicted, send to prison only to turn around and they're right back in the community," Glaser said.

According to police, two men were working on the roof of a duplex in the 600 block of 27th street in Kenner, when Michael "Smokey" White, 24, approached them with a gun, demanded money and robbed them.

White is one of 1900 inmates released from prison last week as part of Louisiana's Justice Reinvestment Act.

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He pled guilty in 2014 to 4 counts of simple burglary for which he received a 12-year sentence. White was released last Tuesday after serving less then 4 years of the sentence.

"Use the criminal justice system, I guess to save money, it's not going to work," Glaser said. "You're going get people hurt, injured and killed before it's over."

Betty Sharper lives across the street from where the armed robbery happened in the Sharon Park subdivision.

"One of the guys said (White) took $900 dollars and a five and three ones," Sharper said. "The other guy said he just laid down on the roof and he wouldn't come down."

Sharper added White is now back where he belongs.

"If he didn't think enough of his own freedom to get a legitimate job and do right for himself, he's where he wants to be back in the jailhouse, so let him stay there," Sharper said.

White's 40-page criminal history reveals that he has been arrested and charged with the crimes of illegal carrying of weapons, criminal trespassing, resisting an officer, illegal possession of a stolen hand gun and 64 counts of simple burglary.

"I don't know exactly what needs to be done or how to rehabilitate someone like this, but he's 24-years-old," Glaser said. "He's led, I guess, a life of crime."

Chief Glaser says he's not sure how many early release offenders are now in the city of Kenner.

He vowed to find out who they are and keep them on KPD's radar.