JEFFERSON PARISH -- The NAACP called for the detectives involved in Keeven Robinson’s death to be arrested and charged with murder.

The NAACP released a list of demands concerning 22-year-old Robinson’s death in the back yard of a home near Labarre and Jefferson Highway in Old Jefferson. The demands include the State Police arresting the four detectives implicated in Robinson’s death.

The NAACP is also calling for an independent investigation into the death by the State Police and US Justice Department.

“It's always good to have an independent person, so it does not give the appearance that you are covering up something,” Jefferson Parish NAACP President Gaylor Spiller said.

The NAACP is also calling on Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto to get body cameras, set up a citizens review panel and implement better sensitivity training for deputies.

“If they were murdered, those persons who committed this crime on this young man, we want them to be arrested and charged with capital murder. That's what happens,” La. NAACP President Mike McClanahan said. “If you commit a crime such as that in the state of Louisiana and America, you should be charged.”

According to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto, narcotics officers were trying to engage Robinson while he was pulled over at a Shell station near the corner of Jefferson Highway and Labarre. Robinson was out of the vehicle and when he saw officers approaching, he drove off.

Robinson then crashed into two Jefferson Parish deputy vehicles before getting out of his vehicle and running into some backyards in the neighborhood, hopping fences along the way according to authorities.

Robinson was eventually caught and a struggle ensued. At some points during that struggle he stopped breathing and died on the scene.