NEW ORLEANS -- "I just never in my wildest dreams thought that when that child left out of my door, she was going to her death."

Just 30 minutes after seeing 27-year-old Derielle Bernard leave her home, her aunt Angela Bernard received a call from a Jefferson Parish detective.

"He said there's been a shooting. He said a young man that Derielle was with, is dead. He says and Derielle's has been shot. Has a gunshot wound to the head," Bernard said.

The young man was 23-year-old Brandon Davis. Davis and Bernard were shot on 6100 2nd Avenue in Marrero Monday evening. Angela Bernard rushed to the hospital, only to find her niece unconscious, and on a respirator.

"And the doctor, he said, I'm sorry, but, she has a zero survival rate," Bernard said.

The youngest person in the car was Derielle Bernard's 6-year-old son Bentley who was asleep in the backseat. He told his aunt he woke up when gunshots erupted.

"He said, 'My momma dead. Cause she was on the ground.' I said, 'She was on the ground?' He said 'Yes.' I said, 'Well, did she say anything?' He says , 'No, she was just stuttering. But nothing came out," Bernard said.

This is not the first time tragedy struck this family. When Derielle was 10 years old, she came home from school with her sister and found her own mother shot and killed by her mother's boyfriend.

"They had to push their way in. And that's where they found her mother. On the floor dead," Bernard said.

Angela Bernard described Derielle as a fun and sweet person. More than anything, Angela says Derielle adored her son Bently and four-year-old daughter Bailey.

Despite the heartache and despair, Angela says a beacon of light emerged from this ordeal.

"She was an organ donor. She saved 6 lives. Yes she did. An infant. And five other people," Bernard said.

It's Derielle's selfless act, Angela knows will help her carry on, giving 6 people a longer and healthier life, despite her own being cut short, so young.

Anyone with information about the double shooting is asked to contact JPSO Investigations Bureau at 504-364-5300. Residents can also report information to Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.