JEFFERSON - A home surveillance camera shows video of a coyote lurking in a driveway of a home in Old Jefferson and then attacking a cat that was apparently resting in the wheel well of a vehicle.

The sighting was made recently from a video Tweeted by Scott Waters.

In the video, you can see the coyote lunge at the wheel well and the cat inside. The coyote comes away without the cat the first two times, but then is seen successfully grabbing the animal and hauling it off.

The attack comes a few days after the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office posted a warning to pet owners on Facebook about the dangers of coyotes that are in some residential neighborhoods.

The warning says that coyotes will rarely attack humans, but that pets are vulnerable to attack.

The sheriff's office recommends:


- Always supervise your pet outdoors, especially at dawn and dusk

- Keep your dog on a short leash

- Do not allow your dog to play with a coyote

- If possible, bring your dog inside when a coyote is visible

- Avoid thick vegetation, especially if coyote pups are present


- The only way to guarantee a cat's safety is to keep it indoors

- Make sure to bring in outdoor pet food or water