JEFFERSON, La. — Friday marked one year-to-date since Keeven Robinson was killed following a chase with deputies from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Keeven's father, Steven Jackson, was among family, friends and East Jefferson Parish NAACP representatives at a prayer vigil at the Frank Lemon Playground on Causeway Boulevard Friday evening. 

Jackson said he remembers the pain he felt on May 10, 2018.

“Like an arrow went through it…like a spear when through my heart," Jackson said.

22-year-old Robinson was killed in a struggle with four undercover narcotics agents during a drug sting that turned into a chase.

The coroner determined Robinson's' death as a homicide. The cause of death was asphyxiation: Simply put, he was deprived of oxygen.

"They say his was neck was just, all of this [motioning to his neck] was broke. You know, have your balance in your neck, it was just flopped over when they tried to hold him," Jackson said.  

In federal court last month, Robinson's family filed a wrongful-death lawsuit. The sheriff's office, its insurer, Sheriff Joe Lopinto and the four deputies involved are named as defendants.

"It ain't going to bring him back, but it might change a couple things. They should be punished for their actions. They should be held accountable for their actions," Jackson said.  

Officials with the sheriff's office declined to say if the officers involved, who were previously on desk duty, have returned to their regular shifts.

The Jefferson Parish District Attorney's Office is in charge of investigation. Officials said they couldn't comment because the case is still pending.

“It's really hurt man, to see my son go down like that. They didn't give him a fair chance," Jackson said.

Officials did not give word on when the investigation will be complete.