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Working moms hoping kids can get back into classroom

Metairie mother Tara Rosenkranz posts on New Orleans Mom, that working moms are unspoken victims of COVID-19.

METAIRIE, La. — Both the the CDC and an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, give health arguments for why primary schools should reopen for classroom learning. The American Academy of Pediatrics has publicly said the same. 

On the other hand, teachers are concerned about how they will keep themselves and the children healthy and well. Now some mothers are giving their perspective on the school debate issue. 

Metairie mother Tara Rosenkranz posts on New Orleans Mom, that working moms are unspoken victims of COVID-19.

"I know it’s a trigger word and I used it intentionally,"  Tara Rosenkranz said of the word 'victim.'

Tara’s the mother of four. She and her husband both work long hours. And the need for the classroom over virtual learning is even more important. 

"We also have two children with special needs which get therapy at school, so when they’re home they’re not getting the same therapies that they do regularly," said Rosenkranz, who is a contributor to New Orleans Mom. 

One has autism and the other Tourette syndrome. 

And she says when it comes to careers, mothers who have to oversee home learning would not have time for opportunities for career advancement. 

"And it doesn’t just affect me and my career trajectory, and mothers that are experiencing the same situation now or until the end of the year. Those are decisions that impact our career for years," said Rosenkranz.

Angelina Vicknair  is also a working mom, her husband at times working 90 hours a week on the COVID-19 hospital front lines. They both feel their two children need to be back in the classroom. 

"We at New Orleans Mom have been talking to the pediatricians at Children’s Hospital and it is also their recommendation," said Angelina Vicknair, a Plaquemines Parish mother of two, who works at New Orleans Mom in Media Relations. 

Both Angelina and Tara understand the need to keep teachers safe. 

"I really have so much respect for the teachers especially after doing the home school thing with my kids." said Vicknair.

"The only thing that I have control over is to make sure that I teach my children over and over and over. I constantly reinforce why we’re using the mask. Why it’s important to keep it on," said Rosenkranz.

That’s when her 10-year-old Bregan walked in and I asked if he’d keep his teachers safe with a mask. 

"Yes and all my friends," said Bregan Cheek, Tara’s son. And when asked if he would mind keeping it on all day, he replied, "Well I rather not wear a mask but I know I have to."

And Tara says if parents reinforce that message at home, there is a better chance children will do their part to keep everyone safe at school. 

Angelina says she has been talking with teachers who tell her they are going to be very diligent about distancing, masks, and hand washing.