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Joe's Cafe says man who wrote racist Facebook post has no connection to restaurant

Joe's Cafe has received numerous threats since someone claimed one of their workers put bodily fluids in black customers' food. An accusation they deny.

NEW ORLEANS -- The owners and employees of Joe's Cafe have been threatened over the phone and online after a racist social media post was falsely connected to their restaurant, according to the company.

The Facebook post in question features a man who allegedly works in a New Orleans restaurant and puts his "bodily fluids" in black customers' orders because he believes they won't tip him.

According to a representative with Joe's Cafe, that post was falsely tied to their restaurant by someone on social media and since then they've received several threats.

Their full statement is below:

"Rumors are circulating social media that Joe’s Café employs an individual under the social media profile of Chris Ditta of Terrytown whose Facebook profile contains extremely racist and profane comments. This assumption is false and incorrect. We do not employ this individual, associate with this individual, and do not support or condone these views. Joe’s Café was a target of an individual or individual(s) who maliciously intended to cause economic harm to our business and our family’s reputation. We value all of our customers and employees regardless of race. We have raised our family on Christian values and embed these values into our 30-year business in the treatment of our employees and customers. We are currently investigating the parties involved"

The restaurant owners are asking anyone who knows the person behind the accusations to contact them at info@joesknowsfood.com.

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