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Judge finds 'no probable cause' to hold one of three Marines accused in rape case

Antonio Landrum, an 18-year-old Marine private based in Algiers, is unlikely to face any charges in connection with the April 15 encounter.

NEW ORLEANS – One of four gang rape defendants in which a Tulane student and her friend were alleged victims could be in the clear after a magistrate judge Friday ruled that there was “no probable cause” for the third-degree rape allegation against him.

Magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell’s ruling means that Antonio Landrum, an 18-year-old Marine private based in Algiers, is unlikely to face any charges in connection with the April 15 encounter. A final decision will be made by the District Attorney’s office, but a no probable cause ruling makes a prosecution on that count highly unlikely.

Despite conflicting accounts of what happened the night of the group encounter, Cantrell found probable cause for the accusations against the remaining defendants, two of whom are active duty Marines and the third a Tulane ROTC graduate.

Cantrell upheld the first-degree rape allegations against Marines Alexander Davenport and Jared Anderson, as well as Tulane graduation Matthew Farrell. First-degree rape carries a sentence of mandatory life in prison.

The alleged assault took early Sunday morning April 15 at the female Tulane student’s apartment in the 6100 block of South Claiborne Avenue. The student and her friend told police they met Landrum during a night of drinking at a popular Uptown bar on Broadway.

According to arrest warrant paperwork, the women admitted being highly intoxicated, a fact supported by surveillance video retrieved by detectives from the bar.

“Victim One was stumbling and appeared to be moderately intoxicated/impaired,” the detectives wrote. “Victim Two fell on the ground and appeared to be highly intoxicated/impaired.”

The report states that Landrum summoned an Uber and brought the women back to the student’s apartment. Landrum gave a statement to detectives five days after the alleged rape.

He admitted have sex with the women, but was under the impression that it was consensual, the report states. While one of the alleged victims told detectives that the encounter began as consensual, the other flatly refuted Landrum’s claim, stating that she asked him to stop but “he continually vaginally penetrated her” as she tried to “shove him away.”

Despite that account from the victim, Cantrell ruled that the facts didn’t support the charge.

The other allegations came about after Landrum called his friends to pick him up.

According to a police report, one of the women said that as she “began to black out, she vaguely remembered a few other males entering the bedroom and violently vaginally and orally penetrating her.”

The defendants surrendered to police after learning that warrants had been issued for their arrest. Each remains free on bond.