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Kavanaugh hearing: What we can expect

"It won't be like a typical jury trial. This is going to be much more open. And really, anything is going to be fair game."

NEW ORLEANS - "She's putting her reputation, she's putting her professional career, her entire life out there for judgment, literally by the entire country," Bradley Phillips said.

For the first time, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford will come before the Senate Judiciary Committee, telling the world what she says happened between her and Brett Kavanaugh more than 30 years ago.

"It won't be like a typical jury trial. This is going to be much more open. And really, anything is going to be fair game," Phillips said.

Bradley Phillips, a criminal defense attorney in New Orleans says we can expect Veteran Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to question every moment of Dr. Ford's statement.

"The fact that there's inconsistencies with the statements. There's people that Dr. Ford has said were there, that have said they weren't there. They weren't present at these parties when these allegations happened," Phillips said.

However, Phillips says the fact that Dr. Ford is being invited to testify shows the impact of the 'Me Too' Movement.

"Some of the boys will be boys, those kinds of things or just the complete disregard of it that we saw from the Clarence Thomas hearing, you are not going to be able to get away from that this go around," Phillips said.

Despite that, he believes it's going to take something earth-shattering to stop the committee vote from taking place Friday.

"I think it'll take a very real piece of evidence, something along the lines of video evidence or picture evidence. And the bottom line is, in 1982, it's not like it is now where a dozen people would pull out a cell phone," Phillips said.

Keith Werhan, who specializes in Constitutional Law at Tulane says despite what lawmakers are leading the public to believe, there's really no rush to get Kavanaugh through.

"The court's term begins the first Monday in October. So, it's coming up. But, it's not a great hardship for the court to be short-handed by one for a short period of time. After all, the Republicans held Justice Scalia's seat open for over a year when they denied Merrick Garland consideration," Werhan said.

The vote on his nomination is tentatively scheduled for Friday morning. The Judiciary Committee Chairman says the committee could always reschedule a vote, if there are outstanding issues.

Caresse Jackman can be reached at cjackman@wwltv.com.

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