NEW ORLEANS — If anyone knows about dealing with heat, it's folks in south Louisiana.

Especially during those hot summer months, air conditioning in cars is critical. One woman in Houma has been driving without AC for years and her search for a new car sparked an unexpected friendship.

"Ms. Doris was walking around the lot one day and looking for a new vehicle," said car salesman BJ Bryan, who works at the Terrebonne Ford in Houma. 

He met Doris Price nearly three months ago. She had been driving her deceased husband's old 1996 F-150. The truck had no air conditioning. 

"That truck was very hot," Price said. 

Bryan worked to find her something affordable. He also drove from Houma to New Orleans so her brother could co-sign. They replaced the truck with something air conditioned, a 2019 Ford Fiesta.

"Oh yea, I love it," Price said.

Bryan may have thought he'd never see her again, but the next day he was caught off guard.

"She brought me lunch," he said. 

Then again and again, Price continued to bring him lunch at the dealership everyday since they met. 

"Good home cooked food made with love," Bryan said. "Even still now she brings me lunch everyday."

"Because he was so nice to me and stuff," Price explained. 

Bryan in turn bought Price flowers. To his surprise, they were the first flowers she had ever received. 

"You know, a lady makes you lunch, you bring her flowers, so I gave her some flowers," he said. 

Bryan created a Facebook page called "Lunches of Love from Ms. Doris." It already has 2,700 followers. 

Now for her birthday, Bryan made a lifelong dream of her's come true. 

"I've never been on a carriage ride, I've always dreamed of going on a carriage ride," Price said. 

Bryan took her and her family on a horse drawn carriage ride through the French Quarter. 

It was a ride between two strangers turned close friends, all because he treated her with kindness as she did in return. 

Terrebonne Ford paid for the carriage ride and a limo to get them from Houma to New Orleans.