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West Nile Virus confirmed in Lafourche Parish, officials say

Here's how Mosquito Control suggests Lafourche Parish should handle the detection of West Nile Virus.

LAFOURCHE PARISH, La. — A lab confirmed that a mosquito sample taken from Lafourche Parish on Oct. 4 tested positive for West Nile Virus, a tweet from the Lafourche Parish said Monday.

The tweet included a digital copy of a report from Mosquito Control of Lafourche, LLC., dated Oct. 8. 

The sample, confirmed West Nile Virus positive by the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, was taken from the Hwy 1 S. Thibodaux area.

In the document from Mosquito Control of Lafourche Parish, several actions were suggested in accordance with the Expanded Transmission Protocol.

  1. The area where the sample was taken will be the center point from which crews will inspect an area the size of five city blocks.
  2. Crews will be searching for the breeding sites of mosquitoes that transmit the West Nile Virus: The Southern House Mosquito or the Asian Tiger.
  3. Once those breeding sites are located, Mosquito Control will take action.
  4. People living near the area where the sample was collected will be told about a higher risk for West Nile Virus transmissions. Personal protection and yard sanitation is recommended for that area.
  5. Traps will be used to sample adult mosquitoes in the five-city block area radiating from the center point. The number of mosquitoes collected will tell Mosquito Control how many adult mosquitoes are in the area, as well as provide samples for testing.
  6. During the evenings, trucks with mounted sprayers to the area to keep mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile Virus from growing.
  7. Spraying was planned for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday according to the document.
  8. More traps will be used to measure progress in efforts against West Nile Virus Transmissions.
Credit: WWLTV