It was a simple question Eyewitness News asked people in line at Sal's Snowballs in Metairie.

"I hear a Laurel," one person said.

"Laurel, Yanni," another said.


"I hear a Yuri."

Eyewitness News heard different answers from just about everyone and not since the blue or white dress debate has some divided so many people.

The debate was unapologetically a partisan debate for House Speaker Paul Ryan.

"I'd like to declare something that is just so obvious, it is Laurel and not Yanny," he said.

A post from the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office questions how to give directions to Laurel Valley Road, if potentially some may hear Yanny.

"Laurel, and then I can hear Yanny as well," Tricia Grishaw, who works at Sal's said.

Keep in mind, how different the words are -- one is Laurel, the other is Yanny. While they look different, we asked an audiologist if through sound waves they share similarities.

"You know the physiology of it and the way the nerve endings are firing information to your brain. I think everyone is hearing Laurel," Dr. Rob Sheuermann said.

In over 15 years of practice, Dr. Sheuermann said he has never heard anything like this. But what about hearing loss? Could that play a factor?

"The energy of the sound comes from the vowels which are low frequency and they're really strong. A - E, Laurel, ah and Yanny, aw, I don't know how you could confuse the ah, and the aw even if you have a significant hearing loss."

Online there are several different theories, including different quality on different devices. Back at Sal's...

"It's clearly Yanni."

The truth may actually be harder to get, than figuring out what snowball flavor to choose.