For the Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler, the past three months have been about voter fraud.

"I still have people thinking we're throwing ballot boxes in the Mississippi River at night," said Schedler.

Since the start of this year's presidential election, allegations of elections being rigged has been constant rhetoric. It's messages like those that have Schedler wanting to make sure voters know that with the advent of new technology and security measures, voter fraud rarely occurs these days.

"It is so overplayed by both sides of the equation, dependent on the politics that you're trying to persuade,” explained Schedler. “As you know when you go to vote, they're calling your name out, they're looking at your card, you're writing your name down and showing that I.D., so it makes it difficult."
Schedler's concern now is because of the current political climate, voter participation will decrease.

"We already have reduced voter participation on a national level but this is giving people pause of concern,” he explained. “They already don't think their vote counts, so now you're giving them one more reason maybe not to go exercise their right to vote.”

As the two parties continue to jockey for position heading into the November election, the one message that can be agreed upon is everyone should get out and vote.

The early voting period is Oct. 25 -- Nov. 1.