The classic joke, often told by comedian Jack Benny, with violin in hand, asked “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" and featured the punchline "Practice, practice practice.”

Thankfully, for the members of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, it’s no joke and their practice and reputation have paid off. In February 2018, they will find themselves performing at the prestigious New York performance hall.

The musician owned and operated orchestra is one of only two orchestras from across the country to receive the prestigious invitation.

The orchestra will perform Feb. 27, 2018, marking the LPO’s first-ever performance in this landmark
concert hall celebrated for its wonderful acoustics.

Orchestra leaders say the invitation represents an important milestone for the group and its evolution.

“This is year 27 for the orchestra, it's a very young orchestra compared to a lot of other American groups,” said James William Boyd, CEO of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. “But we have achieved some recognition for the artistic quality of the ensemble certainly that’s very exciting and it’s nice to know that the orchestra is recognized locally, but now on a national level that we're being mentioned in the same breath with a lot of other major orchestras.”

Since receiving word of the invitation, the LPO launched a successful fundraising effort and has raised more than $200,000 for the trip. To date, approximately half of the orchestra has been sponsored through the “Musician Sponsor” program.

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