MACON, Ga. — "Reading is one of those skills you're going to use throughout your entire life, you're never going to be at a point in your life when you're not reading," Bibb County Schools Library Director Michelle Lenderman said.

She wants students to understand why summer reading helps them prepare for the next grade.

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"The goal is 20 minutes a day, they'll continue to increase, they won't lose what they learned during the school year," Lenderman said.

"It can take about two months just to get back to where they were at the beginning of the summer, so that's two months when children aren't learning," Middle Georgia Regional Library Coordinator Jeanne Peloquin said.

They've teamed up with the school district to get students motivated. "When a person completes 15 hours of reading they get a prize, and when a person completes 25 hours of reading they get a prize," she said.

All of the library locations have the district's summer reading lists. Students just need to sign up through their school and have a library card to borrow the books.

"While they're achieving their requirements of their school summer reading, they're also achieving the goals for the library summer reading," Peloquin said.

Lenderman and Peloquin give advice on how to make reading fun at home.

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"A reading nook in your house where you put big fluffy pillows and a big quilt where the kids can go hangout, and they know that's where you go to read," Lenderman said.

"Rather than fighting with your child to read the right books, every book is the right book, every book that a child is willing to read is one that will help their literacy," Peloquin said.

The library summer program is open to all ages, and you can sign up at any Middle Georgia Regional Libraries or online at

Children up to age 12 earn a treasure chest prize for reading 15 hours and a free book for reading 25 hours.Teenagers ages 13-18 earn a reusable cup and straw for reading 15 hours and a free book for reading 25 hours.Adults ages 18 and over earn a book light for reading 15 hours and a reusable tote bag for 25 hours.