ST. CHARLES PARISH, La. - A post on social media has landed an Edgard man behind bars after he threatened police officers.

Victor Pablo was arrested and will be charged with terrorizing and threatening a public official, according to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office.

Monday, the sheriff's office began investigating Pablo after he posted a threat on a social media platform, writing, “In uh lil while cops in St. Charles are goin to be next. I hope they kill every last 1 of them dirty bitchez.”

The post came one day after three Baton Police officers were killed on a rampage by a shooter, and a statement from the sheriff's office said, "In light of the recent events in Dallas and Baton Rouge, this threat was considered to be serious and dangerous."

After searching Pablo's home while executing a search warrant, authorities found several weapons.

Sheriff Greg Champagne said the right to free speech comes with certain responsibilities.

"Making threats in this volatile environment incites danger for law enforcement and the public,” Champagne added.

Pablo is being held on a $25,000 bond set by Judge Lemmon.