Sunday morning’s chaotic scene in Baton Rouge left many family and friends of those who wear the badge searching for information.

Skye Turner said her interest included her friend’s husband, Matthew Gerald.

“She couldn’t get in touch with him,” said Turner. “Right after that, I got a text that he was one of the casualties.”

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Two weeks ago Dechia and Matthew celebrated four years as husband and wife. Together they were parents to a three-year-old daughter and raised Dechia’s older daughter, who was adopted by Matthew.

“He’s a good family man, good cop, loving husband,” said Turner. “He was a son, father, all those things you want in a spouse.”

Matthew served his country and community as a former Marine and Blackhawk crew chief in the Army. He became a Baton Rouge police officer four months ago. Less than two weeks ago, he got the okay to start doing solo patrols.

Turner said her friend’s family’s loss – and the community turmoil just don’t make sense.

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“Behind the race, behind the occupation, you have people and those people have families,” said Turner. “they have children. They’re just like everyone else. Everyone is important to someone.”