NEW ORLEANS – Many people suffer from sinus problems every day, but a new procedure could provide relief, and patients don’t even have to leave the doctor’s office.

Doctor Adil Fatakia, an ENT-Otolaryngologist in Marrero, and one of his patients joined Eric Paulsen Wednesday morning to talk about how the procedure works.

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“I always found myself being a mouth-breather,” patient Lauren said.

In a case like Lauren’s, Dr. Fatakia said the historic treatment would have been medicines or surgery.

“This provides a wonderful option between those two,” Fatakia said.

Dr. Fatakia said the procedure is a type of laser treatment that tries to improve airflow through the nose to minimize mouth breathing and “stuffiness.”

“We just putting some energy on the inside of your nose to shrink some of the tissue and remodel it,” Dr. Fatakia said.

Dr. Fatakia said the procedure is permanent

“It was very painless for the procedure. The procedure took 90 seconds,” Lauren said. “I haven’t had any nasal problems. I was able to go back to work the next day.”

Dr. Fatakia recommends that people who are interested should first reach out to their insurance company to see if the procedure is covered.

One way to determine if you have a nasal blockage or congestion and see if you're a good candidate for the procedure is to try VIVAER's DIY tests.

For more information, call 504-541-6928 or visit the New Orleans Sinus Center’s website.