NEW ORLEANS — With so many restaurants in the New Orleans Metro area, sometimes it seems like new ones are popping up every week. At the same time, almost just as many are disappearing because its a tough business. 

WWL-TV is launching a new segment for Eyewitness Morning News called "Today's Main Course" which will look at food and restaurants with a more in-depth take on the business side of the industry.

For our first episode, we took a look at the birth of a new restaurant called Thalia.

Kristen Essig is a well-known chef here in New Orleans who is starting a new venture in the Lower Garden District. It's a neighborhood restaurant on the corner of Constance and Thalia streets - thus the name Thalia.

Kristen and her partner in business and life Michael Stoltzfus are best known for their Uptown restaurant Coquette. Thalia is their latest project.


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