NEW ORLEANS- " I just wanna talk to him one more time. Herbert, I just wanna talk to you one more time. Herb. Herb. Herb," Andrea Williams said.

Painfully calling out his name, Andrea Williams only wants her son back.

"It's killing me in the inside. I don't know how to deal with it. I can't cope with it," Williams said.

Williams is torn apart after losing 38-year-old Herbert Foster on Mother's Day. She is pleading to the public for any answers.

"Ya'll please. Somebody just say something. Just to help my grandkids. Lord please, let them help my grandkids," Williams cried.

Foster was shot multiple times after a second-line honoring mother's wrapped up Sunday.

It happened at the intersection of Duplessis and Lafreniere Streets.

Foster's sister Natasha Williams-Brown wants anyone who was out at the event to please come forward if you have any evidence that will help police solve her brother's murder.

"I know ya'll have pictures and everything floating around. But if anybody has the video, I would really appreciate it," Williams-Brown said.

Ed Buckner is the President of the Original Big Seven Social Aid and Pleasure Club, who sponsored the Sunday Second Line.

"I'm so sorry to his family, that they had to suffer that loss upon Mother's Day. For his mother and for his children to have to see that tragic event," Buckner said.

Bucker also said that it is a shame that a gathering meant to celebrate life and New Orleans culture ended so tragically.

"Anybody that's bearing guns and arms against anybody in this city, we cannot tolerate it anymore," Buckner said.

Darren West is Foster's big cousin. He says Foster, a father of six with kids 14 and under, did not deserve this.

"He was a caring father took care of all of his sons all of his daughters. He was just Friday, at his son's graduation. You know it's hard," West said.

Even in the midst of her tears and agony, this grieving mother doesn't wish the worst for her son's killer. All she wants tonight is justice.

"Give him some time in prison. Give him life. So he can still see his mom!! He can still see his mom!! But I'm okay. He can still see his mom. It hurts me so bad!! It hurts me so bad," Williams said.