NEW ORLEANS -- Dr. Misty Suri is born and raised here. He went to high school at Ben Franklin and is an Ochsner sports medicine orthopedic surgeon, as well as a clinician, educator and researcher.

It's a very impressive resume and career, but that's not what makes him Naturally N'Awlins.

As a team doctor for the New Orleans Saints since 2007, you've seen him on the sideline and field tending to players. As a local working for his team, he's living a dream.

"It's been great," he said. "I mean coming into a team -- like that is really a good team."

But even that is not what makes him Naturally N'Awlins.

Suri looks like your typical orthopedic surgeon. He's got the scrubs on and a sweater jacket. That is unless you see him on a surgery day. Then it's a little different, because the man in those classic white shrimp boots is none other than Suri.

"You know they're comfortable. They keep me dry. I love them."

He used to wear the plastic protective covers. They didn't work too well, and he ruined a lot of shoes. So the boots became a wardrobe fixture, and it's quite the ice breaker with patients.

"Everybody loves them. 'You going shrimping after surgery?' People say that all the time. It's pretty funny. It's always the topic of conversation."

And because of that, they and he are Naturally N'Awlins.