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Amendment No. 2 passes, Louisiana voters strike down non-unanimous jury law

Louisiana will now require unanimous jury verdicts in state criminal cases, leaving Oregon as the lone state that does not. The 120-year-old practice was voted down by a wide margin by Louisiana voters Tuesday. The amendment saw little public opposition among elected officials with most Louisiana politicians either supported Amendment 2 or remained silent on the issue. (Read more)

Other Highlights from the 2018 Midterms Elections:

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Investigation: He admitted to stealing thousands. Years later, victims still haven't seen a penny

Only a small fraction of criminals pay the court-ordered restitution they owe to their victims in the New Orleans metro area. Police and prosecutors say there’s often little incentive for them to pay up. (Read more)

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Pinpoint Forecast: AM Fog and Scattered Storms Today

More unsettled weather is expected for the rest of the week. Another cold front will move into SE Louisiana today. It will bring us more scattered showers and thunderstorms. A few of the storms could be strong to possibly severe. (Read more)

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Having trouble getting to sleep quickly? Sleep experts say try these tips

For a lot of people, meeting that 7-9 hour window of sleep each night is difficult. The Center for Disease Control says if you are having difficulties falling asleep, you should follow these tips. (Read more)

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Investigation: He never missed a payment, but the bank still foreclosed on his home anyway

Marcus Green knows the stress and anger of a customer-service nightmare. The repetitive phone calls to a string of service agents, each telling him something different. Letters demanding a resolution that never comes. He also knows what it’s like when what’s at stake is his most important possession: his home. (Read more)

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