In Gulfport, life is back to normal after boarding up and preparing for possible damage from Hurricane Nate.

Residents had an early day of cleanup but no severe damage.

John Billiot, of America’s Cajun Navy, said that he rescued three people in stalled cars, but other than that it was a quiet night. He said it is hard to believe there was several feet of water along the Gulf and heavy winds overnight.

“I mean I drive a big ‘ole 510 and we have big trucks like this and the wind was rocking us. It was rocking us,” Billiot said.

Debris shows the water line left behind by Hurricane Nate. The water covered the entire eastbound side of Highway 90 leaving behind a coat of sand along the road.

“Just a lot of cleanup,” Billiot said.

Mississippi Department of Transportation and Coast Electric worked as the sun rose to get things back to normal as businesses did the same.

Gulport residents said they were prepared for anything.

“Plenty of gas cans, plenty of generators. Truck loads actually,” Jesse Cerna, manager of O’Reilly Autoparts, said.

As Cerna took down the shutters, he says they got lucky this time.

“I'd rather be over prepared than not enough," Cerna said.

Cerna prepared for just another day of work in a city that’s moving past the hurricane almost as quickly as it came through.

“After today no one will even remember it happened,” Cerna said.

“It doesn’t look like anything passed through here," Billiot said.