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Northshore Humane Society pleads for fosters to get dogs out of the heat

Shelter not equipped to deal with the heat, those interested can foster for free

NEW ORLEANS — As southeastern Louisiana experiences near-record temperatures, it's not only impacting people but for pets, too.

The Northshore Humane Society in Covington is pleading with folks on its social media pages to foster some of their dogs to get them out of the heat this week.

Scott Bernier, CEO of the Northshore Humane Society, said their air conditioning can't compete with this heatwave.

"The way our kennels are set up, you either shut the guillotine and they're stuck out in the heat all day, or if you open it up, it's pulling the hot air in all summer," Bernier said.

Alexandra Coogan, director of operations, said they're trying their best with what they have.

"The air conditioning is always breaking so we're spending money on that and just kind of trying to think of creative ways to keep the dogs cool," Coogan said, "We've also put some pools in the kennel runs and some misters just to try to help bring the temperatures down."

When the no-kill shelter saw the forecasted temperatures for this week, they knew they needed to act fast.

So, they took to Facebook saying emergency fosters were needed.

Kelli Hartmann drove from Mandeville after seeing the post.

"We saw it on Facebook and actually my daughters came to me and said, 'Mom can we really foster a dog? They need help. It's too hot outside,'" Hartmann said.

Her daughters got their way and saved a puppy from living in the extreme heat this week.

The Humane Society started the day with around 230 adoptable dogs with the goal of getting 40 to 50 out by the end of the week.

But just as dozens were being taken to foster homes, more were coming in.

"We've got some more puppies coming in right now," Coogan said with an armful of puppies, "We're going to go get them some baths and they can see the doctor."

Their cute faces create a real problem for a facility that's already overcrowded.

"We're at max capacity and we have been for a while," Coogan said.

They're open Monday-Friday from 8:30-4:30.

Fostering is free and they provide you with dog food and supplies.

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