NATALBANY, La. - For the second time in two days people in Natalbany have awakened to news that someone was killed in their community.

A day after two men were found shot to death in their vehicle, the body of an 18-year-old was found in the yard of a man who had gotten up to feed his animals.

"When I walked out the back door and turned, I saw the body," said Leon Terry of the startling discovery. "What went through my head? My grandkids. I got up to check on them and call 911.

Sheriff Daniel Edwards said that it's possible that the death of Marquise Lightfoot and Thursday's killings of 24-year-old Randy Darnell Bickham, of Springfield, and 31-year-old Charleston, Mitchell of Hammond.

"The timing and the location certainly lend one to believe that that's certainly possible," he said at a Friday afternoon press briefing. "We also have informants out there and we get information that they may not be related."

Lightfoot was remembered fondly by neighbors.

"He was always friendly," said Kiara Terry. "He never met a stranger - always out there playing basketball. I don't see who would want to do that to him."

Most of those who live around Lightfoot don't believe his death is related to the crimes the day before, but they do wonder why anyone would hurt him.

"To feel the pain of a mother and to hear her cry, that hurt my heart," said Mickell Besst. "He didn't do anybody nothing to deserve what he got. We have to stay inside now. We don't know what the hell is going on any more."