BOGALUSA – A corrections officer assigned to the Bogalusa City Jail has been arrested for allegedly having sexual contact with an inmate, according to the Bogalusa Police Department.

Warden Scott Adams received a complaint from a female inmate that 61-year-old Louis Clark made sexual contact with her earlier this month. Following the complaint, the Bogalusa Police Department was notified and an investigation was conducted into the incident.

As a result, two warrants were issued for Clark’s arrest. He has been charged with malfeasance in office, sexual contact prohibited with person in the custody and supervision of the Department of Public Safety and sexual battery.

Clark was placed on administrative leave on September 1, pending an investigation by Internal Affairs.

According to the police department, if Clark is convicted, each offense carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. The case remains under investigation by the Bogalusa Police Department and will be forwarded to the 22nd Judicial District Court for prosecution.

Clark has been assigned to the Bogalusa City Jail since 2002.

Mayor Wendy Perrette released the following statement on the matter:

"I was made aware of this situation by the Chief of Police & Warden. These actions violate the values & mission of the City of Bogalusa and its Police Department, they will not be tolerated. This is an ongoing investigation. Further details will be given at a later date."