Milltown Barbeque in Bogalusa is known for its ribs, brisket and tamales, but this week it is offering a special side item – a helping hand.

“Unfortunately, we've all kind of been in a situation and I'm just trying to give some of it back,” Chris Penton, owner of the Milltwon Barbeque and Flea Market, said.

Penton put a call out to his community on Sunday afternoon looking for donations serving supplies or cash that could help him take his barbeque operation on the road to Hurricane Harvey victims.

He says the response has been overwhelming and he is now able to plan several trips.

“My goal is to go over there, feed, give out, give a hug, shake hands and come straight back. Be prepared to leave straight out and do it completely over again,” Penton said.

The Northshore Food Bank is also seeing the same support. A quick call out on Facebook has seen a new donation effort growing quickly.

“What people need the most of are cleaning supplies and non-perishable foods. We've also had some toiletries and baby supplies coming in, all very helpful,” Jamie Andrepon, of the Northshore Food Bank, said.

All across Tangipahoa Parish, first responder agencies are converting to ‘Helping Harvey Headquarters.”

“Every fire department in the parish to be a drop-off point and we put out a list of items. We were looking for donations and we're getting an overwhelming response from people dropping off things. It's great. It's unbelievable,” Dennis Crocker, of the Tangipahoa Fire District #2, said.