A Northshore man caught a scary site on his cell phone. He shot video of a driver speeding the wrong way on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway.

Jake Ruby's video shows the vehicle heading southbound in the northbound lanes of the bridge. A one point, you see emergency vehicles rushing to intercept the wrong-way driver. Ruby shot the video, shortly after he got on the bridge around 4:30 Saturday morning. He was driving from his home in Mandeville to a job in Jefferson Parish.

"It was all just kind of happening so quick," Ruby said. "I didn't know whether to call police first or pull out my phone, but I was really worried the driver was going to hits someone, head on."

A police report identified the driver as 23-year-old Elena Svob. 

According to police, her vehicle was traveling approximately 63 miles per hour in the wrong direction.

Causeway General Manager Carlton Dufrechou called the driver's actions, "totally unacceptable." 

He said police on the bridge first attempted to stop Svob near the first cross-over.

"About 2 miles from the Northshore, lights on, everything else, they were coming head on and the woman wouldn't stop," Dufrechou said. "Our guy had to get in the right lane, so she didn't impact him at highway speed."

Officers deployed spike strips at the second crossover, flattening three tires.

According to police, Svob continued driving until a few police vehicles boxed her in.

"Basically, gets her to a complete stop," Dufrechou said. "She gets out and flunks the field sobriety test in a big way."

Police arrested Svob about 7 miles from the Northshore, before she could hurt herself or anyone else.

She was taken to the St. Tammany lock-up.

"Me and my father, we both drive the Causeway, everyday of the week," Ruby said. "It could have been one of us hit head on."

Police booked Svob with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, expired license plate and aggravated obstruction of a highway.