While some people picked up last minute Christmas dinner items like hams and rolls, others are picking up corn and potatoes for Christmas crawfish boils.

For many people, Christmas morning is enjoyed inside by a fire, but in many parts of the state this year, the fire is going to be outside underneath a pot full of crawfish.

“That is the new norm in Louisiana. Everybody wants crawfish, and we got 'em,” Gidget Royes, of The Crab Man Plus, said.

Over the past five years, crawfish suppliers like The Crab Man Plus say the area's favorite crustacean has become available earlier and earlier.

“This is last year. This is what the crawfish looked like. and they're mixed. a lot of these big daddies are in there now. 'in December.' in December, at Christmas, who would have thought?”

The industry credits rainy, warmer weather for the mudbug blessing. People from all over are lined up to take advantage of it.

“We always have gumbo. We have oysters, but whenever Gidget said she had crawfish coming, we had to get us some crawfish for Christmas,” Ginger Richardson, from Angie, said.

“I mean it's kind of crazy but we do live in Louisiana. The weather, I'm dressed like it's summer so I mean definitely we should be eating like it's summer too,” Karley Bowers, from Mandeville, said.

“Love it. We actually had crawfish for New Year's last year from them. We're gonna do it again,” Aaron Hebert, from Covington, said.

The extension of the season is inspiring seafood businesses to grow and families to create new Christmas customs.

“This year it's really exciting. It's like, crawfish at Christmas.. ahh yes, but I think everybody's going to want it next year,” Royes said.

“I hope we can get them early every year and that we'd make it a tradition," Richardson said.

The crawfish are a good size, but they will cost you. Right now, live crawfish are going for $3.99 a pound.