BOGALUSA, La. — Bogalusa police arrested a man last week on suspicion of killing his girlfriend's infant child while he was taking care of the baby. 

Tyrease Brumfield was arrested on one count of first-degree murder on Thursday, Aug. 15. 

Officers responded the day before to the emergency room of Our Lady of the Angels Hospital after an 8-month-old girl was brought to the hospital unresponsive. She died shortly after arriving. 

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Bogalusa police said in a Facebook post that they determined the injuries were not accidental after interviewing family members and reviewing hospital records. 

Police say the infant's mother left her in Brumfield's care "for a short time that evening." During that time, the child died of blunt force trauma, according to the parish's coroner, who performed an autopsy the next day. 

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The death was ruled a homicide. 

Police did not disclose any additional information about the incident because the investigation is ongoing.