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Mandeville mayor unveils proposal for $2 Million dollar seawall project

The goal is lower insurance premiums

MANDEVILLE, La. — When a big storm comes through and pushes Lake Pontchartrain over its bank, Lakeshore Drive in Mandeville washes under water.

Mandeville's mayor Donald Villere says it’s time to rebuild the seawall and raise it 12 inches.

It's a $2 million dollar project, but Villere says it's not going to prevent flooding during tropical weather.

“What we're looking at here is nothing more than affecting insurance premiums,” he said.

Villere says a real fix for the flooding would require gates and pumps.

“Then you're talking a tremendous cost as well as maintenance,” Villere said.

Villere is focused on a more budget friendly fix, that will hopefully lower insurance premiums for people along the Lakefront by taking them out of a particular flood zone.

“They may be looking at from over $10,000 down to $1,800 a year, a significant amount,” Villere said.

Manager of Brooks Bikes Shop Rodger Chaves makes money renting out bikes so people can enjoy the view.

He's not thrilled with the plan, worried that construction on a seawall that doesn't actually keep the water out will cost businesses money.  

“Construction to add an extra foot will leave the area empty for pedestrians, cyclists, people who want to see the lakefront,” Chaves said.

Mayor Donald Villere is inviting the public for a open comment session at 6 p.m. Wednesday Sept. 18 at Mandeville City Hall.