A Northshore beekeeper who told Eyewitness News that his bees were taken is now getting them back.

Stan Maher says that another beekeeper who has been keeping bees for seven years had the missing bees. Maher said he does not believe his bees were taken maliciously but rather a misunderstanding with the bank and real estate agent who may have given the bees away.

Five years ago, Maher partnered with La Provence, a Lacombe restaurant that prided itself on garden to table dishes. Maher owned and maintained eight bee hives for honey used in recipes, to pollinate the garden, and add to the attraction. He and the restaurant split the honey 50-50.

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A year ago, La Provence closed. Maher and the chef at the time agreed to keep the hives on the property to potentially work with the future buyer. But one day when he went by to visit he noticed that the bees were gone.

“There was no malicious intent on his part,” Pam Maher, Stan’s wife, posted on Facebook. “He was a victim too and wants to do what is right. He and Stan will probably be friends now. Who knows what God has planned.”

The man who had the missing bees did not want to be identified, but allegedly told Maher the Eyewitness News report made him want to give them back. 

Maher already has some of his equipment back and the person in possession of the bees will be returning them this week.

“He had been praying about it and wanted to do the right thing,” Pam Maher said.


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