MANDEVILLE, La. -- A shooting at a gas station left one person dead in a possible of self-defense case.

According to Mandeville Police, the shooting happened at the Shell station, at 3959 Highway 22.

Police said two people, both males, were involved and both were customers at the gas station. The initial call to police started as a call to help clear a disturbance and it turned into a response to a shooting.

'We got a call around 10:15 a.m. this morning, what we call a disperse subject. Apparently, the store was having a problem with a customer," said Capt. Ron Ruple. "They were asking that law enforcement come and remove the subject."

According to Mandeville Police, the victim, later identified as Shawn Breland, 42, of Folsom, was inside the store and after buying something he began berating the clerk. The clerk ordered Breland to leave the store, and Breland came back inside several times.

Another man who was inside the store and carried a visible firearm in a holster also tried to de-escalate the situation and warned Breland to leave.

"The deceased left but returned throwing what appears to be potatoes chips at the clerk. The shooter then follows the deceased outside to get his vehicle license plate number for the police. When the deceased saw the shooter getting his plate info, he exited his vehicle and physically attacked the shooter," said a statement from Mandeville Police.

The unidentified man then drew his gun after being attacked. The man then went inside the store, but Breland followed him inside and continued to attack him.

"The video shows the deceased, who his larger than the shooter, physically shoving and pulling the shooter back and forth. The video also shows the deceased attempting to grab for the firearm. The shooter order the deceased back and told him he would shoot him if he did not stop," said a statement from police.

"The shooter retreated into a corner of the store while still being attacked. With nowhere left to retreat, the shooter fires one round striking the deceased. The deceased does not stop his attacks and the shooter fires two more rounds, striking the subject, who then falls to the ground," the statement concluded.

Before police arrived on the scene, the shooting occurred, police said.

The shooter, who was not identified, was questioned at the scene by police, but no charges have been filed. His name will not be released due to safety concerns police said. However, police did say the man was a concealed carry and self-defense instructor.

Breland was taken to Lakeview Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The situation left people who live and work nearby struggling to comprehend it.

"That's amazing and it's scary too," said Stephanie Smith, who works near the gas station. "In the middle of the day like that. Really, really scary."

Mandeville Police are filing the case as self-defense. The case will be referred to the District Attorney’s office for further review.