LACOMBE, La. -- A heads up for swimmers and boaters as summer leads families into area waterways.

One of the season's first reports of a shark caught in Lake Pontchartrain came over the weekend.

"I made a long cast. I kind of had my feet hanging over the side relaxing," said Covington resident Bo McCool.

But his day out on the lake late last week turned into an eye-opening experience.

"Something moved to my left and I looked over there and I heard something and looked down and there's this bull shark at my feet so I picked my feet up and screamed like a little girl," he said, "I'm not gonna lie. It scared the crap out of me."

All five feet of it. McCool, who didn't believe the lake even had sharks, called up Andy Jones with Wicked Fishing Charters in Mandeville, who specializes in snagging the finned fish.

"We got kind of excited because we had a couple of trips coming up and we knew we'd be targeting these guys and looking for them," Jones said, "Hopefully we could catch him."

This weekend, they did, and it wasn't easy. But Jones said that's what makes it fun and that's what keeps him busy from May through September.

"Summer starts picking up, they come in, it appears that they pup, they have their babies," said Jones. "We catch a lot of them in the range of 27 to 33, 35 inches. Now, we have caught a couple in the four-foot range, five-foot, like this one. It's not as common, but this is one of the bigger sharks we've seen for sure."

While Jones says the sharks are generally not looking for people, people should be looking for them. Two years ago, a young boy learned that lesson the hard way while swimming in the lake alongside a boat.

"That possibility is very real and sharks are not something to be taken lightly for sure," said Jones.

As for McCool, he's glad his fish tale is being used for fun and a fair warning.

"I was kind of excited, plus it proved that I didn't stretch the truth, ya know," he said.