SLIDELL – Five people have been arrested in connection with the first murder in St. Tammany Parish in 2017, according to St. Tammany Sheriff Randy Smith.

Smith said two groups of three people met Sunday night outside a Slidell home near the Baptiste Apartments on Highway 190W for a marijuana party and that all six people were armed.

Smith said that shots fired by both groups during a drug deal left 19-year-old Javonte Donaldson dead and Christover Davis injured.

Those arrested were: 26-year-old Anthony Ussin, principal to first-degree murder; 22-year-old Christover Davis, first-degree murder; 20-year-old Cody Hartley, principal to first-degree murder; 22-year-old Joshua Gayles, principal to attempted first-degree murder; and 19-year-old Amira Bickham, principal to attempted first-degree murder.

“We want to send a strong message,” said Smith at a Wednesday press briefing. “If you think you are going to act like a bunch of gang members on the Northshore, think again.”

Smith said the entire shooting was over a total of about $300 worth of marijuana.

He said that those involved in Sunday’s fatal shooting were not part of an organized gang, but a "group of wannabes," Smith said.