Outside of the Office of Motor Vehicles at the foot of Veterans Boulevard, Charlene Minnick is waiting for answers.

"I got here at 6:20 this morning, waited for the doors to open at 8 a.m. only to be told that the computers were down," said Minnick.

The computer glitch was the result of a “core application issue” and became a statewide problem, according to DMV Commissioner Karen St. Germain.

On Wednesday morning, employees told customers at the Veterans Bouleveard location they had no idea when the problem was going to be fixed and to turn in their call numbers.

"I went to the desk to turn in my number and I asked if we'd receive some sort of priority if we come back again tomorrow and she said ‘No, you start all over," said Minnick.

This the second day in a row Paulette Hammond has tried to get to the office. She was surprised Tuesday to find the office closed for Election Day. The closure was not listed on the website, Hammond said. Here's what she was told:

"The system was down. It maybe be up, it may not be,” said Hammond. “They said the last time this happened, it took three day before it came back up."

The problems keep piling up for the location off of Veterans Boulevard. The office is dealing with staffing issues. Germain was very candid about this, saying often employees get hired, they get trained and they go elsewhere. The office is budgeted to have at least 16 people on staff. As of Wednesday, they are having trouble keeping even half of that.

"You go there now and look. They ain't got nobody working,” said DMV customer, Claude Porter. “I am not satisfied with the service here."

Germain says I.T. is working to try to fix the problem. At the same time, many are wondering why there is not some sort of back-up plan.

"It's a dilemma that the state needs to look at to make sure people aren't wasting their time," said Fran Robertson, another frustrated DMV customer.

Louisiana State Police wrote on their Facebook page late Wednesday that all drivers license services at the Office of Motor Vehicles would be down until further notice. Vehicle registration, however, is not being impacted, said Germain.

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