You may have noticed yellow barricades have been left on the streets intersecting Bourbon since Halloween. They've got people in the French Quarter wondering if they're permanent.

Residents say the barricades aren't in use and are causing traffic problems.

"It's a real hazard when trucks try to take a turn, they can barely get through here even when they're not set up to block traffic," Resident Chuck Schroeder said about the barricades.

Schroeder lives in The Quarter and owns Bon Maison Guest House. He's noticed the barricades appearing all over the neighborhood and wants to know why.

Eyewitness News was able to get some answers from the New Orleans Police Department.

"The barricades you reference are not permanent, but will continue to be used for special occasions as events warrant," NOPD said in a statement. "In the current instance, they remain staged in place ahead of planned operations during Bayou Classic Weekend."

So residents in the French Quarter will have to deal with them a little longer, but not forever.