NEW ORLEANS -- Pedestrians and cyclists admit, crossing the Broad Street bridge over the Pontchartrain Expressway in New Orleans is not for the faint of heart.

Roxy Silbey walks the bridge for exercise.

"I try to make sure I walk close to the rail and not get toward the traffic," Silbey said. "I would say my experience walking across the bridge is very scary."

Walker Larson bikes across.

"Every time a truck passes it's like a mini hurricane," Larson said. "That's the best way to put it."

The city's transportation master plan identifies the Broad Street Overpass as a planned bikeway.

One rendering, obtained by WWL-TV, would make one lane in each direction bike and pedestrian only. The number of travel lanes for vehicles would shrink from four to two.

Elliott Pellebon maintains that would make his three trips across the bridge each day, more difficult.

"Especially in front of (Municipal Court), it would be a big traffic jam I would say," Pellebon said.

Dan Favre from the advocacy group Bike Easy said there are ways to ensure people can both bike and walk safely while not interrupting traffic.

Jefferson Davis Parkway, which also crosses the expressway, has two lanes for traffic and one lane for bikes in both directions.

"We really do want to see protected bikeways which means there is some physical separation, reflective delineators, nice planter boxes, something that really separates the space where the people are supposed to be biking from the space where people are driving," Favre said.

Back on the Broad Street Overpass, pedestrians and cyclists are pushing for the proposed bike lanes.

"It would definitely be a benefit,' Silbey said.

"I think that would be amazing," Larson said.

The City released a statement about ongoing work on the Broad Street overpass:

"The City of New Orleans is currently undertaking much needed bridge improvements on the Broad Street Overpass. The scope of the improvements have included pressure washing the bridge, installing 34 new poles, 68 new lights to complete the pole replacement project on the overpass.

Drainage grate replacement projects have also been identified and are scheduled for after Jazz Fest as well as minor road repairs that will be done during the summer break. Additionally, the City will be installing a new traffic signal on S. Broad Avenue and Gravier Street to facilitate smoother crossings.

The City is aware of the critical linkage that the Broad Street Overpass provides for bicyclists as well as pedestrians and motorists and is in the early stages of evaluating options to improve this corridor. Currently, analysis of the entire Broad Street Corridor is being conducted with an expected recommendation to be made in the next six months."