A bachelorette party on Bourbon Street over the weekend turned violent. Cell phone video, taken by one of the girls in the party, showed punches being thrown by a security guard at Fat Tuesday New Orleans Original Daiquiri Shop.

It's cell phone video some describe as shocking.

"I know they're probably making poor choices by getting drunk," said visitor Kristy Staker. "I don't know though, it was a little disturbing."

"These are little girls," said Paul Tarto. "They're not going to be able to hurt a big man like him."

The video shows Safeway Security guard Darrell Mitchell, 40, confronting a bachelorette party just after midnight Saturday morning after they were asked to leave Fat Tuesday New Orleans Original Daiquiri Shop in the 600 block of Bourbon Street, according to police.

One of those girls, Samantha Rice, said it started after she felt hot and decided to put her head on the bar.

"The bartender came up to me and started cursing at me," she said. "They said I couldn't sit there, and so I got kind of mad and knocked over some empty Styrofoam cups that were there, so she said, 'You need to leave.'"

That's when she says things escalated, and the guard she says got physical.

"I asked him to loosen his grip on my arms," Rice said. "He was hurting me really bad, and he said no he started cussing at me. He proceeded to press harder and harder and then I got mad and tried to fight back for him to let go. That's when my friend came up and told him to take it easy. He then came up to her and punched her. He lunged at another friend and hit her once, knocked her on the ground and proceeded to hit her two or three more times."

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WWL-TV went to the bar so they could comment on what happened, but declined to do so. We showed the video to some people who were walking by, and they had something to say.

"I mean she shouldn’t have been in his face fighting him, but I don’t know they're drunk, but you don't need to punch the girls out," said visitor Chelsea Binsent. "He should've walked away, I mean, you don't beat up girls."

"I just think it's really inappropriate for the security guard to be handling it in that situation," said Staker. "They need to be able to get people out without getting violent."

Paul Tarto works nearby and says something like this is rare. He knows fights break out on Bourbon, but usually, security guards help diffuse the situation, and incidents like this are avoided.

"I know they shouldn't have put their hands on him," he said. "But he should've just restrained them and gotten them outside. This is a very isolated incident, this does not usually happen. Most of the people who work as bouncers or security guards on Bourbon they know what they're doing, they don't overreact and they handle it when somebody is over-served."

One of the managers at the bar tells WWL-TV the security guard was hired through a separate company, Safeway Security, and he's not an employee at Fat Tuesday New Orleans Original Daiquiri Shop.

A New Orleans Police Department spokesman said an officer responded to the fight after they were flagged down by concerned bystanders. They added Mitchell was issued a municipal summons in the incident.