NEW ORLEANS – Thanksgiving is just four days away but one local organization is celebrating early.

Bridge House/Grace House always feeds the homeless a Thanksgiving meal the Sunday before Thanksgiving.

“I am going to eat turkey, some dressing. I don't eat the cranberry sauce, but the mashed potatoes look delicious,” David Smith, guest of Bridge House/ Grace House said.

Smith is one of 300 people that came out for a meal, but it was not just food. The Bridge House/Hope House gave away clothes, shoes, toiletries and blankets.

“I think it's great for New Orleans that everyone in the community helps. If you're hungry, you can come out and get a plate of food. It's just a wonderful opportunity,” Smith said.

“I love that we are able to do this, but I also love that the community comes in and supports us like they do. We have a lot of families here who want to help,” Else Pederson, CEO of Bridge House/Grace House, said.

One of those families is Crista and Emma Grace Madison. For the last five years they have been helping the less fortunate in their community.

“I think it's important to teach the younger generation of course how to give back to others. And I feel very fortunate and blessed in my life, so it's just one opportunity to come out here and give back to others,” Crista Madison said.

It is a message her daughter has soaked in as well.

“These people will always need help. There's always going to be more, and you always want to do something good for others,” Emma Madison said.

Bridge House/Grace House makes a meal for major holidays three times a year; one for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Christmas in July.