NEW ORLEANS -- Whether you like them in a boil, a bisque or pasta it's that time of year once again -- Crawfish Season!

"We die for these!” Schaefer Seafood customer Bonnie Kenney said about the mud bugs. “We love them, we wait all year long and especially when it's Lent we have to eat our crawfish."

Good Catholics packed into seafood markets on this Lenten Friday to get their hands on them. After a slow start to the season, crawfish are now making up for lost time.

"The size was down with the weather, but now everything has made a complete 180,” Deanie’s Seafood Owner Chandra Chifici- Scarber said.

Schaefer Seafood owner Merlin Schaefer agreed.

"Since we started getting sun last week or two the size really grew, the quality is good like it was last year,” Schaefer said.

Prices are falling too, now at 3.69 a pound at Deanie’s, down from 7.99 a pound during Mardi Gras. That’s driving even more customers to the market.

"The prices came down some and we're seeing sales are starting to pick up,” Schaefer said. “Every day is getting better and better."

That's making mud bugs irresistible, especially this time of year.

"During Lent during peak crawfish season it's seven-days-a-week with people looking for crawfish," Chifici-Scarber said.

Whether you're doing it for your religion or for your love of crustaceans, things are looking up if you're a crawfish fan. And really, in Louisiana who isn't?

"I've been eating them all my life,” customer Hilda Hulbert said.

Crawfish season is just beginning so you have months of deliciousness ahead of you.