NEW ORLEANS - City Park is asking for anyone's help in solving the abuse of a dog, recently discovered on its grounds.

And after seeing the report Wednesday, some viewers are wondering if they may have stumbled across another clue of strange behavior in the park.

When a dog owner saw the report about the gruesome torture and premeditated burning of a Jack Russell Terrier in City Park on Scout Island, she called Eyewitness News to report something else similar nearby.

"You're going out to exercise your dog, the last thing you expect to see is circles and candles and beer cans and trash and glass," she said.

The woman, and her friend whom we talked to, want to remain anonymous. They say up the road around the model plane field called Couturie Forest, they find fires with similar wood used for the dog burning, and candles and at times, strange painted symbols that they don't recognize. One time she rearranged their candles to spell 'Jesus.'

"I put that there because I thought if they are Satan worshipers, the last thing they are going to want to do is come back and see their candles spelling 'Jesus,'" she explained.

"I've been here 13 years and a few times we'll see something but it's not something that, to my knowledge, is pervasive, but even if it just happens once, that's one time too many" said John Hopper, the Chief Development Officer of City Park, about the dog that was found.

City Park police are on the lookout and management is working with The Humane Society of Louisiana to solve this crime. Campfires and candles are not allowed in City Park, and they are planning to rebuild the LaBorde Mountain Lookout in granite, so it can't be burned again. So far, NOPD has not gotten any reports of ritualistic behavior in City Park.

"I would call in, hopefully enlist the support of the public, so if you see something that doesn't look right, you know, call the police," Hopper asked of the community.

I'm not sure who they are, why they are out there. I wish City Park would put some cameras out there because they're bound to catch them, because they're always out there," said the woman.

No tips have come in on the animal abuse case.

If police can get DNA evidence off of the beer cans from the scene, Crimestoppers will help to find a match.

Call 822-1111 or 1-888-6-humane if you know anything about the fires or dog case in City Park.