NEW ORLEANS -- Residents in the Irish Channel are overwhelmed by dozens of sick, feral cats and kittens living in the neighborhood.

Ashley Redd has been looking after a litter of kittens that were born under her house. She knows she's not supposed to feed feral cats, but it's hard for her to resist when she's met with starving, sick kittens every time she leaves her house.

"It's really hard to watch them suffering, especially when they're really hungry and there's no food source for them," Redd said.

Things got so bad that last night that Redd had to take one of the kittens to the animal shelter for vet care.

"He just wasn't looking well," Redd said. "So, I did end up picking him up, he didn't try to fight at all, he was very weak looking."

Unfortunately, the problem in that block is much bigger than the kittens Redd looks after.

"There's probably around 30 cats that I've noticed in the area," Redd said.

You can find them everywhere. Under cars, under the houses and roaming the street.

"They're at my back door crying, hungry and then on top of that just the smell of that many cats in one area going to the bathroom under the houses and in the streets," Redd said.

Redd is doing what she can for them, but she feels she's fighting a losing battle. The LA SPCA recommends humanely trapping the cats, bringing them to the LA SPCA to be spayed or neutered and then releasing them back out into the colony.

"That's the plan is to get them some vet care, get them fixed so this problem doesn't continue, but it really does take the whole neighborhood helping out to get the whole colony to the point where they aren't breeding," Redd said.

For now Redd will continue to look after the kittens, hoping the situation doesn't get any worse.

"I hate to see any animal living under a house, in the rain, without food," Redd said.

The sick kitten that Redd brought to the LA SPCA is doing better and staff say he will be up for adoption soon.