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Former Mayor Morial reflects on the passing of Moon Landrieu

Moon Landrieu integrated City Hall and helped bring racial equality to the city.

NEW ORLEANS — Moon Landrieu won two elected terms as the Mayor of New Orleans.

He helped make a significant difference in bringing racial equality to the city and revitalizing the city government in the 1970s.

"I recognized as a politician as a legislature and a councilman we were wasting so much talent and wasting so much energy by precluding the blacks from participation," Landrieu said in an interview with WWL political analyst Clancy Dubos.

A white Louisiana politician who fought for civil rights, he is credited for appointing African Americans and women to high-ranking city positions.

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Former Mayor Marc Morial said his values were the reason for the overwhelming support by the majority of Black voters in the 1969 mayoral election.

“He was wildly recognized as the Mayor that integrated City Hall,” Morial said. “I think [he was] the first true executive Mayor, true dynamic municipal executive who was focused on public policy.”

Landrieu served as Mayor from 1970 to 1978. His political resume includes Louisiana state representative, New Orleans City Councilman and Judge on Louisiana’s Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal.

After leaving the mayor’s office, Landrieu was named U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development during the final two years of President Jimmy Carter’s administration.

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“His willingness to lead was the right thing at the right time,” Morial said.

Landrieu always said his proudest achievement was his family

“How lucky I was to find Verna and blessed to have nine kids,” Landrieu said.

Landrieu's vision made him into one of the city’s giants

“If you talk with any of Moon’s children, they will tell you what they remember and cherish the most were any private time they had with their dad, but also the family meals where they would talk about things,” Dubos said.

Dubos said Landrieu taught everyone, to always have courage.

“Reminds us all of the contributions of the greatest generation,” Dubos said.

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