NEW ORLEANS — Did that helicopter flying over your neighborhood seem a little low? Don't worry, it's supposed to be.

New Orleans and several surrounding parishes will be using a new technique for mosquito abatement, having a helicopter spread larvicide to stop mosquitoes before they can grow.

It takes only about a week for a mosquito to lay her eggs, and have them become adult mosquitoes. Also parishes around the area are launching aerial attacks before the problem gets out of control.

"The goal here is to use a larvicide. We're targeting the larvae that are inside the containers in people's yards, hidden areas. The helicopter's going to fly relatively low about 100, 150 feet above people's homes and it's a contractor that had lots of experience doing this, so everyone should feel safe," said Claudia Riegel, Ph.D., Director of the New Orleans Mosquito & Termite Control Board.

She says the new spray is eco-friendly.

Mosquito Control is asking that make sure you don't have any standing water around your homes. 

You can sign up on the city's website to get notified when the trucks or the aerial spraying will be in your neighborhood.