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Helping people, one pizza slice at a time

Local pizzeria gives back to those who need a warm meal

NEW ORLEANS — A lot of people are struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic, but a local pizzeria is giving a helping hand. 

They're offering free slices of pizza at no cost, with no questions asked.

Taped on a wall at Slice Pizzeria NOLA, are receipts of generosity. 

"I thought it was an amazing idea," said Alissa Moore, the manager. "It's perfect for our city, especially since everyone helps everyone here. It's not a handout, it's a hand up."

"Yeah, I feel good about it," said owner Jim Fite. "But you know, I'm not doing it so I feel good or for good karma, it's what needs to be done."

It's their "Pay It Forward Slice Program" where any person who comes in to buy a meal for them self, can also purchase a slice of pizza for whoever needs it. Those who can't make it in and what to help have been donating money.

"It might just be a meal to me, but to them it may be the only thing they eat all day," Moore said.

"How do you look at today's world and not feel like there's some way you have to help? And if you don't then I have to ask you, what are you doing?" Fite asked.

The concept is popping up in places around town, including at Shawarma On the Go Uptown. 

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Slice Pizzeria NOLA just started offering free slices Friday night. Not only have they raised at least $700, but they've already had multiple people and families take them up on the offer.

"Oh that's 200 slices easy, that's 200 meals I can give to somebody," Fite said.

"It makes me happy people have a place to come get food when they can't afford it," Moore said.

With so much uncertainty these days, this small pizzeria on St. Charles Avenue is doing what they can to help by filling people's stomachs and hearts with kindness.

"These aren't just anybody, they're our friends, they're our family and neighbors, they're our cousins and the guy you pass on the street," Fite said. "If the government won't help us we have to help ourselves and here in New Orleans I feel like it's a huge part of the culture of this city."

No questions will be asked for those who need to get a slice of pizza. The restaurant will also offer some water or soda to go with it if needed. If you'd like to donate to the cause, you can send an email to FiteFKNola@gmail.com or go to Slice Pizzeria NOLA Facebook.