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LA volunteers mount Dorian response effort

Volunteers waiting for further instructions on where to deploy

NEW ORLEANS — The worst of times bring out the best in people. Hurricane Dorian is no different.

Tuesday on the Northshore, Red Cross volunteers loaded up emergency response vehicles with water and supplies. They are sending 20 volunteers and four disaster response trucks to the east coast.

"As we see Hurricane Dorian moving up the coast and we see where the impact is going to be those emergency response vehicles will then deploy into the communities, whether that be Florida, Georgia or South Carolina all the way up the coast where ever they're needed," Red Cross spokeswoman Stephanie Wagner said.

She is heading to Florida.

"The emergency response vehicles are set up to feed in communities," Wagner said. "They are set up to provide hot meals in areas that may not have any power or water or resources to be able to cook their own food."

United Cajun Navy founder Todd Terrell said he already has boots on the ground in areas along Dorian's projected path.

His volunteers are bringing food, supplies and rescue boats into areas that need their help.

"Right now we have a limited crew down in south Florida, down in Melbourne," Terrell said. "We also have a small force in Jacksonville, Florida. We're moving up into Georgia with boats and also boats into the North Carolina area."

The Louisiana volunteers are awaiting further instructions.

"You know, it's kind of like people that can are helping those who can't," Terrell said. "I always say sometime this is Gods way of telling everybody we need to get along."

"It's truly an amazing feeling to go into communities that have been impacted and see not only the Red Cross in action, but numerous other community entities and non profit organizations supporting folks where they need it and when they need it," Wagner said.

While it's unclear where Dorian will make landfall, what's certain is the generosity of those willing to help others now threatened by a killer storm.

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